Gay parents have more gay kids than heterosexual parents? Hmmm…

Here’s yet another report that is trying to “prove” that we, the kids with LGBTQ parents, will more likely be gay. I see how this could be logical because all of those straight parents were lucky enough to have all those gay kids. Those heterosexual parents surely influenced their kid’s sexuality and “made” them gay. Yes, it sounds stupid because it is.

First, if we are gay, who cares? I’d say queer kids with queer parents may definitely have an easier time accepting their own sexuality. That makes sense. (Although with all of the societal vitriol and negative attacks, it may be hard for them as well). The true question is why are people so preoccupied with our sexual identity anyway? Being 2nd Gen (an LGBTQ person who also has an LGBTQ parent) is only a problem for those who believe that being homosexual or gender non-conforming is somehow bad, undesirable, or immoral. There is nothing wrong with being homosexual or transgender, so what’s the big deal if a person with queer parents grows up to be queer? When society gets out of the mind frame of thinking that being queer is wrong, the “Are you gay too?” question will lose its thunder, and we will all feel less pressure to defend our sexuality, whether queer or heterosexual. It’s a stupid debate and I refuse to give it any real power. Arguing with bigots is a lose-lose situation. 1) You can’t change a bigot’s mind. 2) You will lose brain cells trying to do so. So don’t.


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