Ghosts, Chocolate and Elite Delta Force 3… Oh My!

It’s a busy time of year. Who am I kidding? It’s always busy, but at least I’ve taken time out to have a bit of fun and learn a little bit more about life in 2011. Last month, I went to see Ghosts of Atwood, a fabulous autobiographical play by Shepsu Aakhu and directed by Andrea J. Dymond. The play was about a young, African-American boy (Quinn) from Chicago who was schlepped off to an all-White boarding school. It was a harrowing and life-changing experience that altered Quinn forever – and rightfully so. I was shaken to the core with the brutally and despair within the play and left with more questions than I came in with. It literally tore me apart. Shepsu Aakhu is a genius and you should support his amazing work at

The ride didn’t stop there though. My beautiful husband treated me to a chocolate making class at Canady Le Chocolatier, in downtown Chicago. Sexy, huh?! Although romantic and something I’ll remember forever, I never knew how much grueling work goes into making candy and I have sore triceps to prove it. However, the chocolate-flavored kisses made it worth the pain. From the brilliant and eccentric Michael Canady, we learned the history of chocolate, how to temper chocolate, make delicious, gooey caramel from scratch (no, you can’t have the secret recipe), and various cream fillings like raspberry white chocolate. Can you say “heaven”? And to top it off, Michael Canady is a brother! A black chocolatier? Dude, you have to go just to see the sight of something so marvelous! The chocolates are SOOOO delicious that it was damn near….. You know where I’m going with this. It was definitely a baby-making moment (although he debunked the myth of chocolate being an aphrodisiac). Go support Mr. Canady and independent candy shops and make yourself deliriously happy at It is a treat you deserve.

But wait, there’s more. I went from cultured to spoiled to wild amusement, almost over night, when I discovered (yes, I pulled a Columbus) a group of some of the funniest women in the nation! I was surfing Madam Noire’s site ( when I came across a clip from the Elite Delta Force 3 entitled The Real Housewives of Civil Rights. Spoofing the Housewives of Atlanta, this group of six, talented women made me spit out my orange juice (on my laptop keyboard, no less) when they performed spot on and hilarious reinterpretations of Maya Angelou, Marilyn Monroe, Rosa Parks, Winnie Mandela, the Honorable Betty Shabazz, and Coretta Scott King. This spoof will definitely offend the sensibilities of some, but those people would only be missing out on a hearty laugh which their sensitive, uptight asses may need. Since I placed my political correctness cup up high on the shelf last winter, I could enjoy this without that nagging, goody two shoes, feminist asshole on my shoulder telling me that we need to respect, not mock and denigrate our female icons during Women’s History Month. Bump that! There is a time and place for everything and the time for great comedy is NOW! So if you are as ignorant, sick, and self-indulgent as I am, I dare you to click on this: These women are highly trained actors who are trying to do something different and wonderful with their sketch comedy (a la Dave Chapelle), so please support them. I watched this at least four times and hyena-barked each time. Wait, do hyenas bark? I digress. No me importa! For more information on the Elite Delta Force 3, join their Facebook page at

Okay, the fun is over – for now. It’s back to grading tons of essays for me. The end of the quarter is frighteningly nigh. Feel free to share good happenings in your area. Peace, Life & Laughs, Tina

Next goal: Advanced Spanish fluency by the end of 2011


One thought on “Ghosts, Chocolate and Elite Delta Force 3… Oh My!

  1. Shepsu Aakhu says:

    The stories shake me too. That’s why I have to tell/stage them. There is a strength that comes from sharing the experience of living (both for the playwright and the audience). Thanks for helping me grow stronger.

    Thanks for supporting the work for so many years. My how time flies.

    Shepsu Aakhu

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