When IL Civil Unions and Catholic Charities Clash

I hear that Catholic Charities of Illinois finds it unconscionable to be forced to grant adoptions to gay couples and are refusing to do so. That’s fine with me. I think that it is important that we stand strong on our values. (I hope they are taking just as strong a stance on curbing pedophilia and sexual abuse within the Catholic church because I find that unconscionable.) I also read in the Chicago Sun-Times that Gov. Quinn just cut foster care contracts with Catholic Charities of Illinois as a result of their refusal to place children with same-sex couples. They seem to be at a crossroads and all should stand up for what they believe in, even if it means going their separate ways.

So let me tell you what I stand on. I firmly believe in the right to adoption by heterosexual and LGBT individuals or couples that intend to be great parents and provide a safe, nurturing, and loving environment for children who have waited long enough. I also believe that my tax dollars should not be used to discriminate against LGBT people based on religious beliefs when there is supposed to be a separation of church and state. That means Catholic Charities must also be fine with not receiving government aid to support their adoption program because civil unions are now legal in Illinois. I am not into changing minds or hearts. No vale la pena. Catholic Charities has a right to pull out of adoption all together and I applaud them for providing space at the table for groups who will do the job right. This move will allow non-discriminatory IL adoption agencies who could use the funding to find loving homes for the children that they have promised to support. I hope that this trend continues (with as minimal disruption in the lives of these children as possible) and that our tax dollars are not used to exclude, but include all families. LGBT families are here and we aren’t going anywhere, so get used to us and start respecting us. Furthermore, foster children are better off without the additional red tape of discrimination and bigotry (under the auspices of religion). Good job, Illinois! Good riddance, Catholic Charities adoption contract. I bid thee farewell.


4 thoughts on “When IL Civil Unions and Catholic Charities Clash

  1. Robin Stein says:

    Tina, once again you raise our consciousness about such deep issues of inequality surrounding us in community. I, too, am quite proud of our governor’s stance on this issue and applaud his cutting Catholic Charities foster care contract! I am sharing your commentary widely (with our board, staff and via social networking).

    Thanks for your diligence and commentary! Robin

  2. Jamie Larson says:

    My mom was actually a foster parent through Catholic Charities back in the day. WHile i’m not surprised to hear their stance i am disappointed. I tip my hat to the governor tho!

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