Check Out Today's Interview with Michelle McCrary of!

Happy Friday! Join us for today’s chat! I will be interviewed again to continue the conversation about the latest news in marriage equality and return to our discussion about how class/race operate in the community of LGBTQ families.  


When: Friday, August 5th at 2:30 (central)/3:30 (eastern)

This is a great website, blog and internet radio show, Is That Your Child?, created and hosted by Michelle McCrary, a mother and writer whose goal is to provide support, voice and advocacy for mothers of color raising biracial or multiracial children. Check out her site and listen to her weekly show to learn more about the experiences of these parents and how you can educate yourself on these families. Michelle is committed to challenging the notion of the “traditional family” and educating those stuck in the matrix about diverse family structures. She invited me to talk on her radio show about Let’s Get This Straight (Thanks, Michelle!) in an effort to further the conversation on family. Check out our interview and be sure to tell others about how your family is configured in casual conversations. Communication and visibility leads to understanding and more open-mindedness. To Our Families, Tina


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