Huff Post article: Differences Between Gay and Hetero Parenting

There was a recent article in the Huffington Post by Stephanie Pappas about Gay vs. Hetero Parenting. Those who’ve read my book, Let’s Get This Straight, know my feelings on this, and it is important for me to share new information.

Truthfully, I don’t like that LGBTQ parents have to constantly “prove” that they are okay to the wider heterosexual community. Many of these parents are more than okay (many being quite friggin awesome) and don’t need to prove this fact to some idiot who could care less about the children in the home and just want to spew their disapproval for the gays (once again). Who cares what the idiots like or want? I understand the need for research, especially in this homophobic society, but it gets under my skin that we need “validation” to be who we are and that we get so much unwarranted hostility towards us.

However, I appreciate researchers/sociologists/psychologists such as Dr. Judith Stacey, Dr. Tim Biblarz, Dr. Abbie Goldberg, Dr. Brian Powell, and David Brodzinsky (all quoted in this article) who dedicate themselves to sharing information about different family configurations. I also liked Dr. Judith Stacey’s statement that “two good parents are better than one good parent, but one good parent is better than two bad parents.” This is the case whether they are LGBTQ or hetero parents. Good parenting is the objective. The sad part is that some (including Pope Benedict) and ridiculous politicians which are too many to name would prefer that children not have parents at all than to be parented by loving gay folks. The hate in this message makes my stomach churn and my temper burn. This vitriol is the problem, not my mother. Get over it, folks. Whether you like it or not, our families are here. (cue the Puffy “Bad Boys for Life” song because it’s apropos) “We ain’t goin’ nowhere, we ain’t – going nowhere. We can’t be stopped now. We’re [family] for life.” Let me know what you think about the HuffPo article, fam.


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