Kill Fear, Let your Heart Rule

ImageI believe in serendipity. It happens to me all of the time. When I need something from the universe, it is provided at the exact time it’s supposed to arrive.  Not on my time, but when it is supposed to. For example, I attended a workshop by a phenomenal woman, Tama Kieves, on yesterday at the Bodhi Spiritual Center (which I am a proud member of) and Tama spoke to my spirit and said the very things that affirmed that I am not crazy for wanting to jump off of the gerbil wheel of life and that I am indeed on the right path as I explore my own creative interests and life yearnings. I’m wildly happy, but practically confined. I’ve allowed myself to become confined to a system that does not serve my spirit nor support my boundless creativity and entrepreneurial leanings. This is not about jobs because I’ve loved each of my jobs. It’s about life and being in the driver’s seat for a change. I had a thought recently: Since I’m a workaholic anyway, if I gave 100% to my own dreams/goals/passions as I have given to each job that I have ever had, what could I manifest? Well, I’m on a quest to answer that question. In addition, two of my valued long-time sisters emailed yesterday out of the blue sharing about their need to be free and self-employed and inspired. It makes my heart flutter with excitement that we are journeying together spiritually and didn’t even realize it. I know what I know and I know that it is time for more people to begin living for themselves and not simply as a mule to do everyone else’s work. God has a unique plan for each of us and it is up to us to be still long enough, release the fear long enough and trust ourselves and our talents long enough to be truly free to live authentic, fulfilling, dynamic lives. As Tama Kieves asked the audience yesterday, “Do you think we were put on this earth just to pay bills?” That I seriously doubt. If that is the fast-paced wheel that you are on and you feel like it’s leading you nowhere or at least to an undesirable place, I encourage and support you in joining the millions who are living their lives passionately and brazenly. It’s scary. So what. Jump! The universe will support you. Trust it and yourself and claim what is here for you. Your next question might be, “How will I do this?” That question came up yesterday in the workshop and a brilliant participant reminded us that the answer to how is YES. Simply say YES. Commit to you. Commit to your dreams. They’re waiting and the how will come if you trust, listen and believe. I know you can do it! And so can I.


6 thoughts on “Kill Fear, Let your Heart Rule

  1. CJ says:

    Thanks cousin!! 🙂 I’m currently on a similar journey…you have no idea how many people your words are touching. Kudos to you for taking the step…I’m right with ya!

  2. Cheryl says:

    Serendipity indeed! So often we wait for life or someone or something to give us permission (I KNOW I do) when really the only person who needs to give permission is YOU! Thanks Tina.

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