Summer 2012 – Let's Get It!


Summer is here and I am over the moon! On this first day of summer break, my daughter and I got organized and listed all of the fun things we’d like to do this summer, some free, some on a prayer. We intend to have a ball on a budget and live in each moment! As I enter this summer, I want to share my gratitude for a wonderful year. There was a lot of transition on the job and it was taxing on everyone, but thankfully, we made it through and graduated 86 students – our biggest group yet – and hopefully, our most successful! Though we had two of our young men shot, thankfully, we did not lose one student to gun violence this year (for the first time during my 6 yr. tenure). That is indeed something to be thankful for and I hope this streak continues and that we can bottle this rampant gang violence that has ravaged our city and the lives of so many.

I am also thankful to have time to write this summer. I am finishing the first draft of a play that I’ve been drilling at for months, revisiting two old manuscripts that need to be in the world and writing a new YA novel and a self help book on finding and maintaining a beautiful, healthy relationship. Woo-sah – it can all be done with focus and dedication. I will also work on my natural hair care line – DIME and try to get one step closer to acting again.

The last thing that brings me tears of joy and loads of gratitude is celebrating my 12 year wedding anniversary today! It has been a lovely journey and I pray for many more years of bliss. Jashed, you are pure sunshine.

As always, I am thankful for all of my family and friends – especially my parents who I am fortunate enough to still have in my life as guides and friends. I have been so blessed to have such beautiful, kind spirits around me to nurture my growth. As I approach 39 this summer (Cancer LOVE), I float on the shoulders of those who love, guide, check, and support me moment to moment. I appreciate and love you all. 

If anyone wants to hang this summer or have play dates, let me know! I plan to kick it!

To a phenomenal summer, Tina


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