Getting Your Share of Happy

ImageHappiness is not just about rolling around in a million crisp dollar bills. It’s actually better because it’s something that is constantly replenished by you and for you. Moreover, no one can take your happiness away unless you allow it. Unfortunately, some try to steal your joy and here are a few tips to keep the shalackas at bay and happiness in your heart.

shalacka: noun; person who stands in the way of happiness; jerk or other undesirable

First, figure out what makes you genuinely happy. As a matter of fact, write down 50 things that make you happy. Seriously. Make time to do that sooner than later. Do at least one of these things each day, from looking up at the beautiful moon tonight or taking that stepping class you’ve been thinking about or saving for that trip to Bali.

Second, remember to smile and think positive. It’s infectious. When you smile, others are naturally disarmed and feel happier around you. This brings about good vibrations inside and out. Happiness is a lifestyle. Life will bring you some crappy situations and crappy people, but you can choose to wallow in it or flush. Flush often, clear the air and remove that miserable frown off your face, get your mind right and choose happy. Now smile.

Third, be thankful and acknowledge all that you have each day. Perspective is everything. Think in terms of abundance. Instead of counting someone else’s money and lamenting about what you don’t have, cherish what you do have. Each day, say a silent or obnoxiously loving, “thank you” to God for what you have and claim abundance in your life. Remember, it’s all good.

Choose happy.


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