Let's get the facts straight about what racism is, and is not (We're viewing the Donald Sterling scandal all wrong).

Bryant Cross has hit the nail on the head once again. Racism is about power, not whether one group likes another. That’s just bigotry. Let’s get this straight and understand the structure in place that allows people like him to remain in power while being clueless and without an ounce of cultural competency. Privilege says that Donald Sterling can be just who he is without consequences or loss of significant power nor shift in mentality.

Bryant Cross

The Donald Sterling scandal has very much upset me, but not because of the comments of Donald himself. A very old white man is a racist?

That’s nothing new.

What has gotten under my skin is the reaction from the general public to the racism displayed. As I read many blogs, retweets, and Facebook comments I let out a deep sigh because I see anti-racism education still has a long way to go. Yesterday during the Clippers first game since the scandal, many fans brought signs of solidarity for racial uplift. One picture in particular caught my eye:


Personally, I bursted out in laughter when I first saw this because the photo is very comical yet cute.  At the same time it also shows the misunderstanding on what racism is actually about.

Racism is NOT about white people not liking black people or vice versa. When Dr. Martin Luther King Jr…

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