SEED Consulting

Self-Empowerment, Education, & Diversity (S.E.E.D.) Consulting provides a series of workshops and presentations designed to educate youth, schools, youth organizations, spiritual centers, and parents about the diversity and academic challenges that impact today’s teens. These workshops are designed to provide the soft and hard skills necessary to understand and empower the youth being served. S.E.E.D. workshops are structured in a way that actively engage participants and promote meaningful dialogue, expression and global awareness.

Teen Series:
Preparing for College
College Survival & Success
Effective Communication & Conflict Resolution
The Worldly Citizen – (Diversity Education & Activism)
And Ya’ Don’t Stop: Hip-Hop & Social Criticism
Art as Healing (writing & performance)
School Survival (youth with LGBTQ Parents)
Coming Out About My Parents (youth with LGBTQ Parents)

Professional Development Series:
Creating a Multicultural Curriculum
Affirming Diversity in Academic Settings
Striking Balance: Self-Care in the Workplace
Creating a Safe Environment for Youth with LGBTQ Parents

LGBTQ Parent Series:
Coming Out to Your Children
Building Safe Zones for your Child
Creating Resources & Supports for Youth with LGBTQ Parents
Dealing with Rough Spots: *Homophobia *Parent Break-Ups*Bullying/Teasing* Religion*Peer Pressure*Self-Esteem*Secrecy*Child Embarrassment*School Survival*

Workshops are created based on the specific needs of the client and in alignment with the mission and strategic vision of the organization. Listed below are some sample workshop presentations that have been designed for former clients. 

Sample Youth Workshops

College Prep & Survival (C.P.S.) This high school and college student workshop will provide concrete and effective advice about the college application process and college retention, including, but not limited to choosing the right school & major, test-taking strategies, financial aid, personal management, and academic/family/peer support. This workshop will challenge students to organize and take control of their college experience, completing tasks with confidence and success. It is especially recommended for first-generation and low-income students.

The Power of Us This anti-bullying workshop will help schools create a sense of community, a culture of respect, mutual accountability, empowerment, and empathy through teaching conflict resolution, breaking the snitch code of silence, anti-bullying strategies, peace circles, and peer mediation. Empathic role playing and role modeling of effective behaviors will be central aspects of the workshop.

See What I’m Saying? This workshop will focus on conflict resolution and the four areas of communication: 1) body language, 2) interpersonal communication, 3) written communication, and 4) speech communication. This workshop will teach students how to listen, observe, and communicate effectively with others in a diverse world. Participants will become more aware of the personas they project and how others respond. Through dramatic role-play, discussions and writing exercises, students will examine how communication can cause misunderstandings, breakdowns and breakthroughs.

 And Ya’ Don’t Stop This workshop will allow youth to critically analyze rap lyrics as it relates to social protest, self-identity, and culture. Students will learn to journal what’s happening in their lives and to write rap/poetry, monologues, and creative non-fiction about their experiences and provide social commentary on the world around them.

Sample Adult Workshops

Managing Multiculturalism  This diversity workshop will help corporate leaders and educators to become more effective in a culturally, racially, and economically diverse classroom. We will discuss racism, ethnocentrism, sexism, classism, homophobia, and how company and school policies support or inhibit student growth, safety and learning. Participants will share experiences, role-play and create action lists to take back to their organizations. There will be a six-month follow-up, assessment and re-evaluation performed.

 Rainbow Rhythms  This workshop is designed to support LGBTQ parents in raising healthy, empowered children. Parents will learn how to create safe space outside of the home and provide support and access to resources for their children. We will share ways to help children to “come out” about their parents, feel empowered, and handle the “rough spots” that come along with living in a homophobic society.

 Email at to book Tina Fakhrid-Deen for your next workshop, conference, retreat, or speaking engagement.

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